Ben Heineman
Senior Account Manager

Ben Heineman Senior Account Manager Ben has shown how an entrepreneurial mindset and high-level strategic planning can be a valuable catalyst in client success. A graduate of ASU in Small Business Management and Technical Communication, his professional and educational career has given him diverse insights that he leverages to serve a variety of clients with agility. Having seen a variety … Read More

Gracie Stewart
Head of Barketing & Pawject Manager

Gracie Stewart Head of Barketing & Pawject Manager Gracie has been at the Predictive Group office since she was a puppy, and loves to be around people (food) when she’s not lying in the middle of the hallway or sleeping in her dog bed. A proud representative of the office, Gracie never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Luke Stewart
VP, Client Services and Support

Luke Stewart VP, Client Services and Support Luke is the Vice President of Client Solutions and an equity partner in the Predictive Group. Joining the Predictive Group in 2002, Luke is responsible for managing training venues around the world, executing workshops, upkeep of the Client Relationship Management system, and providing ongoing support for both clients and Associates. As a key … Read More

Jeb Stewart

Jeb Stewart President Jeb held the position of Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Predictive Group since 2007 and in 2016 was named President. A graduate of the University of San Diego with a BA in Finance and Management, Jeb began his career in the financial services industry. Working in Business to Business sales roles led Jeb to … Read More

Mike Stewart
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mike Stewart Chief Executive Officer & Founder “I am a curious fellow. I was running a public company back in 1990 when we implemented Predictive Index® (PI®). I was instantly mesmerized by the PI® surveys ability to predict performance even though I regularly second guessed its accuracy in the early days. By 1993 I was a PI® guy – supporting PI® certified managers across … Read More

Keenan Murphy
Client Success Manager

Keenan Murphy Client Success Manager A Chicago native, Keenan moved to Arizona to pursue a B.A. in Business Management & Human Wellness at Arizona State University. Having spent the last 4 years playing professional golf, Keenan is excited to settle down and assist the Predictive Group with their accounts and their swing. Personal Work History Brief: Graduated Arizona State University … Read More

Roslyn Webber

Roslyn Webber Associate Roslyn brings 14 years of business consulting experience to The Predictive Group. At Merrill Lynch/Howard Johnson, she helped Fortune 500 employers align the design and administration of employee benefit programs with business goals. As the manager of a fast-growing business unit, she realized the critical importance of hiring for talent while teaching the job-specific skills and knowledge. … Read More

Devin Lebrun

Devin Lebrun Associate Devin brings a strong, cross-functional depth of experience to The Predictive Group having held various leadership roles in Engineering, Marketing, Program Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Operations. He has experience operating in public, private equity backed, and non-profit organizations. His success was founded on influencing process improvement, change management, change adoption, and execution in and across all … Read More

Mike Matwick, ED.D.

Mike Matwick, Ed.D. Associate Mike joined the Predictive Group in 2016 following a 30-year career in education management, online education and educational technology. Mike deployed and utilized the Predictive Index™ System in the education management organization to select, grow and manage individuals and teams. The system was also utilized with over 3,000 high school students per year to address workplace … Read More

Colleen Gendron
Senior Account Manager

Colleen Gendron Senior Account Manager Colleen joined Predictive Group in 2015 as a Skinny Resume and has held several different positions since joining the Team. She dived into the business as a Client Advocate, getting to know the business and navigating the world of WorkForce Analytics. With a passion for working with clients face-to-face, Colleen wanted more interaction and collaboration … Read More