Coaching for Performance

Leaders with coaching abilities develop the capabilities of high potential individuals at every level. Improving individual performance and giving strategic decision making ability can be measured and grown through the Coaching for Performance Course.

Build leaders’ capability to achieve organizational goals, building and sustaining your organization into an extraordinary workplace through collaborative coaching.

Instill Engagement in Your Direct Reports
Coaching for Performance

Self-Actualization Model

The Coaching for Performance Workshop is predicated on the belief that self-actualization is the biggest motivator in creating engaged leaders. Self Diagnosing requires becoming self-aware of the necessary behaviors, skills, and work values that being successful at a job requires.  Self Starting involves taking initiative to engage and overcome personal or systemic hurdles in order to Self Correct, ultimately leading to high performance and professional growth.

Bridging the gap between educational theory and actual business practices, the course uses the Predictive Index® assessment, Professional Learning Indicator assessment and Influence Skill Assessment to develop awareness of one’s abilities, behaviors and skills and how it impacts others in the organization.  Using this foundation, managers adapt behavior to improve communication and team effectiveness.  Through interactive coaching role plays, managers learn specific techniques to improve the performance of people throughout your organization.  Attendees will learn to:

  • Ask investigative questions that facilitate open communication
  • Demonstrate active listening to reinforce participation
  • Address resistance to coaching and change
  • Gain agreement on issues
  • Collaborate on solutions
  • Create action plans to meet goals

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