Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS)

Improve Influencing Skills With Targeted Training.

Positioning your ideas is one of the most imperative skills to have in your professional life.

Starting with an objective benchmark of  your skill level using the Selling Skills AssessmentTool™ or Influence Skills Assessment Tool, we can clearly outline areas in need of improvement and design a path to give you the skill lift you need to elevate your performance.

The Customer Focused Selling™  Workshop is a scientifically proven,  immediate skill lift training course.  Gain a set of skills that will elevate your career in selling ideas, products and services.  This highly interactive two-day workshop will be specified to your particular development needs determined by the Selling Skills AssessmentTool™ or Influence Skills Assessment Tool. Measuring you both before and after training provides scientific, quantifiable data proving your change in ability.  For every skill taught, there’s an immediate application to a real-world business situation participants are actually facing.  Seeing the applicability, participants enthusiastically put their new learning into action with their own customers and prospects, consistently achieving sales goals.

You will learn:

  • How to build trust and credibility
  • How to adapt to social styles, sell to multiple buyers and identify decision makers
  • How to uncover needs accurately using strategic questioning and business listening
  • How to articulate value
  • How to ask for the business, gain agreement and handle objections
  • How to position for long-term business

Scientific Selling by Nancy MartiniScientific Selling describes how scientific testing and measurement can leverage current strengths, identify areas for growth, and increase revenue. Real world examples illustrate how statistically-valid measurement can improve every element of the sales environment- from management to coaching to training to creating long-term sustainable sales results.

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Experience a quantifiable lift in selling skill that translates to improved performance.

To learn more about the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) and Customer-Focused Selling™, please give us a call or visit the SSAT and CFS pages of our site.

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Customized CFS™  Workshops led by highly experienced certified trainers can be conducted in-house, specific to the development needs of your organization.  Contact us to reserve.



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