Influence Skills Assessment                      Tool™ (ISAT)

The ability to influence others is an essential business skill at every level.

The Influence Skills Assessment Tool™ (ISAT) is a benchmarking tool examining an individual’s strengths and areas of growth in the core competencies of influence. The ISAT is ideal for managers and individual contributors at all levels who need to provide ideas and solutions and influence favorable responses.

Easily delivered online, the core competencies of influence allow results to be realized quickly and strategies implemented immediately for peak performance. Three to six months after the first test, participants are encouraged to complete the ISAT once again to measure the effectiveness of your influence training program.

Easily administered online, this 25 question test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and results are immediately available.

Influence: the essential business skill

Results are presented based upon the 5 Core Influencing Competencies:

  • Open- Build trust and credibility by setting verbal agendas, handling early objections, and managing expectations
  • Investigate- Accurately assess the situation and uncover the needs of the audience through strategic questions
  • Present- Link your capabilities to the current situation through value articulation and the appropriateness of your solutions
  • Confirm- Ask for the decision, handle objections, and gain an agreement even when multiple parties are involved
  • Position- Build long term relationships, cooperatively develop strategies, and manage the business relationship


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