Job Modeling (Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO))

The Performance Requirement Options (PRO) is a model of the behaviors necessary to be successful at a specific position.  Individuals within the organization collaboratively create accurate and well-defined behavioral and personality profiles of the people they need in every job role in their organization.  By doing so, the right people are placed in the right roles and naturally excel at their jobs.

Job Model for Predictive Index Survey Results

Administering the PRO

Key stakeholders with knowledge of the job’s requirements should participate in the creation of the PRO.  Ask, “What are the behavioral demands of the job?”

Anyone can complete the PRO, and it’s best to include a variety of perspectives for best results:

  • Manager of the job function
  • Experienced, successful job incumbents
  • Internal Customers
  • Influencers

Performed online, participants list the personality traits that are essential for an individual to successfully perform the duties of the job.  That data is then combined into a a job pattern that is comparable to an individual’s PI pattern.

Before filling a job, it is wise to analyze the job to determine what is required for optimal performance.  Different factors should be analyzed, such as:

  • Previous Job Performance
  • Specific Job Requirements
  • Company Requirements
  • Co-Workers (boss, peers)
  • Behaviors

Your Predictive Group Associate can offer assistance in this process and provide additional insight about the job patterns of similar jobs in other organizations.  Contact us now! To see examples of industry specific job profiles created through validity studies over the past 55 years, click here.

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