Multi-Source Development                          Survey (MDS)

Measure leadership performance in real time.

The Multi-Source Development Survey is a unique and globally accepted online feedback system targeted to assess a leader at the level at which they are performing.  Combining input from supervisors and direct reports, a broad perspective of the leader’s strengths and developmental needs are delivered based upon specific competencies relative to their level of leadership. Providing both qualitative and quantitative data, the results provide crucial information for individual awareness and improvement, as well as assisting your organization in effectively and strategically determining training needs, improving coaching and developing teams.

Increase your Training ROI.

Self awareness is the first step in creating performance change. The Multi-source Development Survey results deliver to the Leader critical feedback to begin making the necessary adjustments immediately. Aggregating feedback from multiple levels within the organization, coaching and training can be customized for each individual, reducing training time and maximizing effectiveness.

Each leadership level has a distinct position that calls for adjusted values and time applications combined with new skills. Used as the benchmark for The Leadership Transition Program™, MDS clearly evaluates Leaders at each level of leadership.

Features of MDS

  • Administered online
  • Surveys the Leader, the Leader of the Leader, Direct Subordinates
  • Each survey assesses the Leader based on core leadership competencies at their level
  • Can be applied throughout your organization cost effectively
  • Can be easily customized to include company colors, logos, and language

Accelerate the Talent Pool

Development of high potential employees and Executives can be challenging. MDS provides critical targeted data that is useful in motivating successful people to adjust their behavior.  Once Leaders know how they are doing relative to what they are supposed to be doing, a cognitive breakthrough occurs. Leadership growth and development rapidly launches and accelerates.
















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