What is People@Work™

People@Work™ is a comprehensive and powerful assessment package assessing important performance metrics providing you with crucial information for individual awareness and improvement.  With the information presented to you, you can effectively and strategically determine your training needs, giving you the control to grow into the career you’ve always wanted.

This package includes:

  • The Predictive Index® Behavioral Survey
  • The Predictive Index® Job Model  (Performance Requirement Options)
  • Influence Skills Assessment Tool™ or Selling Skills Assessment Tool™
  • Professional Learning Indicator™
  • Multi-Source Development Survey™

Compiled into a personalized dashboard report and delivered by Predictive Group Associates, People@Work™ allows you to view a holistic and real-time snapshot of individual performance.  Knowledge gained from the assessments are tailored into an appropriate action and development plan for an individual’s future improvement.

What is being measured

PI® – Predictive Index® Behavioral Survey allows you to understand the unique needs and drives that motivate you. When compared to the requirements of your position, the PI® system allows you to identify fits and gaps, giving you greater opportunity to diagnose, self-start and self correction your professional acceleration..

PI® Job Model defines the behaviors demanded for effective performance in your job.  a fit/gap analysis will compare your genetic behaviors (Predictive Index®Survey) to the behavioral demands of how the job must be performed.

PLI – Professional Learning Indicator™ (PLI) deciphers the many dimensions of human cognitive abilities to measure the capacity of your learning capabilities and complexity of problem/opportunity solving capacity.Every position in every organization has an expected level of cognitive complexity that serves as a model for the successful employee..

ISAT – Influencing Skills Assessment Tool™ and SSAT – Selling Skill Assessment Tool™ are benchmarking tools examining strengths and areas of growth in the core competencies of Sales or Influence. Scientifically based, your assessment rates your current skill in 5 critical areas. Based on your influencing skill, the results are your baseline from which to choose to implement improvement strategies for peak performance. Three to six months after the first test, we encourage you to complete the Influence or Sales Assessment once again in order to measure your lift in skill.

MDS – Multiple-Source Development Survey

The Multi-Source Development Survey objectifies your performance at your level of leadership.What was measured was your performance against the known core leadership dimensions at your level of leadership related to:

  • Skill: capabilities required at your level
  • Time: time frames that govern how you work at your level
  • Values: what is important and therefore the focus of your work at your level

Combining your self-evaluation with your supervisor’s and each of your direct reports delivers you a broad perspective of your strengths and opportunities for leadership acceleration.

Delivered in a comprehensive 20-page report, this report will provide you with the vital information you need to self-start, self-diagnose and self-correct.

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