Careers at Predictive Group

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Management Consultant

Job Description:

Since 1991, the Predictive Group has built a network of 300+ clients across 35 states and 26 countries. The firm is actively seeking business development partners (Associates) residing in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico and Washington State. Our Associates are the direct interface to our clients supporting their use of WorkForce Analytics assessments. The Associates lead the knowledge transfer process and are closely supported by our very qualified Shared Service Team based in Scottsdale, AZ.

Our assessment suite is framed by global best practice validated assessments including: behavioral, cognitive/learning agility, as well as skill assessments around Leadership Effectiveness, and Influencing and Sales Skills. 40% of Associate income is derived from Annual Renewable agreements with our clients across the world. The balance of annual income is derived from classroom knowledge transfer and consulting.

The firm supports more than 30 clients with more than 10k employees. Approximately 1/4 of our clients have less than 100 employees.

The Perfect Candidate Would Be:

  • A self starter who is quick to make decisions
  • Someone with a strong competitive drive
  • Confident and persuasive
  • Independent and venturesome

What’s in it for you?

  • The opportunity to work for yourself and to be backed by a full Shared Service Team. With clients including: global Fortune 100’s, sports teams, publishing, mining, manufacturing, IT, call centers, logistics, etc.
  • Uncapped earnings with major annual income from renewable client licenses for our analytics, and a totally open market place
  • The ability to work with industry leaders and have the tools to fix real business needs

Who will be successful in the role?

  • PGroup Associates that have an established network to companies with people challenges (recruiting, succession, coaching, etc.)
  • Associates that can learn quickly and apply that knowledge in trainings and business meetings
  • Individuals who don’t want to rely on a corporation but on themselves for success
  • Hunters who have owned/worked as an independent consultant
  • Self-Starters who aren’t afraid to learn a new industry and dedicate the time to do so

Company Description:

Facts about the Predictive Group

  • Since 1991, owned Class A office and training facility, experienced client and Associate support process, technology, and personnel in place
  • Committed program to develop Associates with: no fee training, career launch support, business development coaching, leads, and active ongoing connection with the Associate to the clients each Associate manages

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