Predictive Index® Consulting

Predictive Group Associates are seasoned business professionals certified to assist you in deciphering our sophisticated, objective data.

Your Predictive Group Associate is available to you to help you solve the people issues you are facing today. Passionate and experienced in solving diverse business challenges in complex industries, your associate provides assistance in deciphering your people issues – at no additional cost.

Your Associate can provide a PI® Discovery presentation to your team.  PI® Discovery is a fun and fascinating presentation that introduces PI® concepts to your entire team.  Revealing participants PI survey and behavioral strengths, leadership styles and communication styles  improves interpersonal communication promotes teamwork.

Once a month, a Predictive Group Associate facilitates a no-fee Virtual Predictive Index Workshop Refresher Course. The course supports Certified PI® Analysts in facilitating the use of PI® in their every day real-world challenges.  The format encourages interaction and dialogue to support the use of PI in your organization.  View our calendar to enroll for the next webinar!

Your Predictive Group Associate is committed to providing the best experience possible to you and maximizing the impact of PI® in your organization.  If you have any questions or comments about your PI® experience, please contact us.

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