Predictive Index® Survey

The Predictive Index® Survey is an objective employee assessment gives you a definitive understanding of the unique needs and drives that motivate people.  Helping you make people-smart decisions with the best results for your organization, PI® helps build teamwork and assist management to effectively recruit, coach and mentor teams.

Accurate, User-Friendly and Versatile.

At first glance, it appears to be a simple adjective checklist. For all its apparent simplicity, however, the Predictive Index (PI®) is a sophisticated assessment instrument that’s been scientifically validated to be a reliable predictor of work-related behavior. As anyone who has completed PI® will tell you, the results are uncannily accurate.


PI is an objective assessment measuring stimulus response, which directly correlates with human behavior.  The assessment is a free choice checklist consisting of 172 words associated with specific behaviors.  Individuals are asked to indicate which words in a list of adjectives are those that other people might use to describe their behavior. Then they are to pick the words that describe what they really are like.  The survey is easily administered online,  takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and results are immediately available.  Most accurate when taken in your first spoken native language, The Predictive Index® Checklist is available in 67 languages, plus Braille. Click here to view all available languages.

What does PI Measure?

The Predictive Index survey is a stimulus response survey measuring an individual’s natural behavior and predictable traits associated with job performance.  Predictive Index patterns measure the following instinctual traits:

  • Dominance
  • Extroversion
  • Patience
  • Detail
  • Focus and Finishing vs. Awareness and Adaptation
  • Decision and Judgement process
  • Ones perception of the need to adapt behavior
  • Morale at the time of the PI Survey


Results are delivered in both graphical and narrative formats. PI® Certified Analysts (PI® Management Workshop graduates) become experts at reading Predictive Index® graphs to determine the predictable traits associated with job performance.   PI® Certified Analysts are trained to deliver and interpret Predictive Index® Survey results. The narrative results will cover each individual’s strongest guiding behaviors as well as their management style, selling style, and strategies for coaching and managing.



Would you like a free Predictive Index® demo survey? Click here.

Job Modeling (Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO))

Creating a Job Model ensures an accurate fit between the behavioral demands of a job and employee’s natural behavioral traits.  Working hand in hand with PI® to define needed skills and behaviors  lead to effective performance in a particular job. Colleagues and managers collaborate to build a target model of how duties for the job should be completed, allowing you to analyze a candidate’s fits and gaps.

Predictive Index Management Workshop™

The Predictive Index Management Workshop™  transfers PI® knowledge to managers at all levels of your organization.  Like no other course, the PI® Workshop gives you invaluable insight into yourself and the power to predict how others will perform.   Learn to develop people-smart managementskills, decipher leadership styles and how to promote an environment of productivity and cohesion by adopting and applying PI® data throughout your organization.

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