The Predictive Index® System

The Predictive Index® System is a powerful system that defines the natural workplace behaviors of the individuals in your organization. Understanding the natural workplace behaviors of prospective and existing employees and identifying your own management and leadership style, you’ll foster a productive, team oriented work environment.

Accurate, user-friendly and statistically validated, Predictive Index will become an integral part of your company culture.  Use it across all levels of your organization, from hiring an hourly employee to selecting future leaders.

Lead and enable the individuals in your organization to succeed!

Applications of PI®

Our clients infuse PI® throughout their organizations for:

  • Recruiting and Selecting
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Succession Planning
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Retention
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Increasing Sales Performance
  • Increasing Influencing Ability

As a client of The Predictive Group, you receive specific solutions and the tools to interpret and apply PI® data throughout your organization at every level of management.

The Predictive Index® Survey is an assessment that gives you a definitive understanding of the unique needs and drives that motivate people.  Helping you make people-smart decisions with the best results for your organization, PI® helps build teamwork and assist management to effectively recruit, coach and mentor teams.

Job Modeling (Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO)) works hand in hand with PI® to define the skills and behaviors that lead to the most effective performance in a particular job. Colleagues and managers collaborate to build a target model of how duties for the job should be completed, allowing you to analyze a candidate’s fits and gaps.

The Predictive Index Management Workshop® creates life-long PI® Certified Analysts.  Transferring PI® knowledge to managers at all levels of your organization transforms perspectives in managing individual, team and business perspectives.   Like no other course, the PI® Workshop gives you invaluable insight into yourself and the power to predict how others will perform. Learn to develop people-smart management skills, decipher leadership styles and how to promote an environment of productivity and cohesion by adopting and applying PI® data throughout your organization.

PI® Consulting provides access to our expert consultants to solve the real people issues you are facing today. Experienced in solving diverse business challenges in complex industries, our expert help is always available to help decipher your people issues – at no additional cost.

PI® Discovery is a fun and fascinating presentation delivered at your office to introduce PI® concepts to your entire team. Predictive Group Associates present to groups unlocking the mysteries of PI® by revealing participant’s behavioral strengths, improving communication between different styles of individuals.

PI® Virtual Refresher Webinars support Certified PI® Analysts in facilitating the use of PI® in their every day real-world challenges. Delivered online, this no-fee workshop encourages interaction and dialogue to support the use of PI in your organization.  View our calendar to register for an upcoming webinar.

PI® Performance Snapshots are based on statistical validity studies which examine the connection between Predictive Index profiles and job performance.  Click here to view performance graphs that determine the perfect fit for top performers in a variety of different positions.

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