Professional Learning Indicator™

What is the Professional Learning Indicator™?

The Professional Learning Indicator™ (PLI) translates the many dimensions of human cognitive abilities to deliver an assessment designed to measure the capacity of a person’s learning capabilities.

Pace of learning is strongly associated with successful on-the-job performance and is an integral part of any recruitment process. Match the needs of the job to cognitive ability to accelerate employee performance to maximum productivity.

Proven, practical and reliable, the PLI is an integral tool helping you to make the best decisions for your company and the talent on your team.

What is cognitive ability?

Cognitive abilities are the brain-based skills we need to carry out tasks.  They are the mechanisms of how we learn, remember, solve problems and pay attention. PLI measures the rate at which a person will acquire new information, problem solve, absorb instructions, and function effectively with new data.  PLI should not be confused with standard intelligence tests, which simply measures a person’s capacity to comprehend knowledge and profit from experience.

The Science Behind It

It has been universally accepted among intelligence scientists that a unitary factor of cognitive ability exists called the g factor. PLI is a strong indicator of g.  Research has shown that the higher the level of g, the higher the level of performance on the job. This correlation is present in all jobs and along all dimensions of performance. The more complex the job, the higher the correlation between job performance and g.

Cognitive Test Measuring Learning Agility

The PLI examines numerical, logical, abstract, and spatial reasoning. With millions of question and answer combinations possible, the PLI system uses an algorithm that ensures no two tests will be the same.

  • Available in 50+ Languages
  • Internet based Application
  • 50 questions per test
  • 12 minutes to complete
  • Real time reporting
  • Validated to be free of bias



Selecting applicants with higher cognitive scores have a higherprobability of quickly acquiring company-specific knowledge.


Testing employees allows you to create internal benchmark scores for each position in your organization.


Groom leaders internally by keeping the leadership pipeline filled with candidates with the learning agility to succeed.

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