The Skinny Resume® Solution

Attract, develop AND retain quality talent

using the Skinny Resume® Solution

Finding the right candidate for a position is becoming more and more complex in today’s business world.

50% of the reason people excel in their positions is directly due to their behavioral and cognitive genetic makeup aligning with the demands of the position.

Every position in every organization has a combination of demanded behaviors and and cognitive complexity that serves as a model for success in the position.

  • 73% of organizations have found a marked increase in the number of unsuitable candidates applying for jobs.
  • 78% of resumes contain misleading and embellished information.
  • 53% of employers believe that the competition for acquiring talent is becoming more and more competitive, compared with 20% in 2009.

As a result of the demands of our Global clients encountering repeated tribulations in staffing, the Predictive Group developed the  Skinny Resume® Solution bringing together a suite of analytic tools giving you a powerful advantage in  finding, selecting and retaining qualified and talented candidates who will naturally excel at their jobs.

Rather than sifting through hundreds of resumes containing the applicant’s version of the truth, pivot your hiring strategy from checking credentials to identifying potential.  Traditional hiring strategy relies almost exclusively on resumes and interviews as the foremost recruitment bundle.  However, resumes cannot determine how a person will perform on the job.  Although resumes are important to gain tactical information about a candidate, studies show that 78% of all resumes contain misleading information.

The Predictive Index® is a powerful system that allows you to understand the natural workplace behaviors of prospective and existing employees.  Having the unique ability to create and manage your team guided by distinct individual motivators and drives and by identifying your own management and leadership style, you’ll foster a productive, team oriented work environment.  Using PI®, you can expect improved employee selection, job fit, retention and the ability to succession plan.

Pace of learning is strongly associated with successful on-the-job performance and is an essential part of any recruitment process.  Using the Professional Learning Indicator™, you gain unparalleled insight into a person’s cognitive complexity and potential for meeting and exceeding expectations in any position. PLI translates human cognitive complexity through an assessment determining how quickly a person processes information, problem solves and functions effectively with new data.

Armed with the data about both the job and your candidate makes conducting interviews the final step to determining suitability for the job. Use the interview as a time to determine how a person’s choices and character meld with your organization’s cultural beliefs and  expectations.  A person’s choices are displayed by attitude, values, tenacity, curiosity, commitment to excellence, ethics and integrity.

Pivot your human capital strategy using objective and validated data to select, attract, develop and retain quality talent.  Using Skinny Resume® creates a sustainable strategy to finding candidates who genetically  match the demands of any job in your organization.

Find employees who strive for excellence −

and have the talent to achieve it.

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