Predictive Group Workshops

Become a Certified PI® Analyst

The two-day Becoming a PI Practitioner Workshop transforms perspectives in managing individual, team and business performance. Attendees are guided to a higher level of self-awareness, resulting in behavior adjustments that accelerate career trajectory. Lively, energetic and uncommonly valuable, attendees develop a complete understanding of decision-making, communication and delegation styles by applying The Predictive Index® data to actual work experiences.

It is our goal to transfer the knowledge to the managers at all levels of your organization. We want to equip you with the data and tools to develop people-smart management skills, decipher leadership styles and promote an environment of productivity and cohesion. By adopting and applying The Predictive Index® data, managers make more effective, productive and profitable decisions about your people.

Who should attend?

  • Executives or managers responsible for business strategy, planning, and success
  • HR professionals who will serve as the PI expert and advisor in their organization
  • Any employee continuing their PI learning journey after attending another PI workshop
  • Individuals looking to use PI to address their day-to-day business challenges

Customer Focused Selling

The Customer Focused Selling™ Workshop teaches a set of skills that will elevate your career in selling ideas, products and services. This highly interactive two-day workshop will be specified to your particular development needs determined by the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ or Influence Skills Assessment Tool™. For every skill taught, there’s an immediate application to a real-world business situation participants are actually facing. Seeing the applicability, participants enthusiastically put their new learning into action with their own customers and prospects, consistently achieving sales goals.

Who should attend?

  • All managers, supervisors or directors responsible for driving sales and revenue

Influencing For Results

Gaining support and commitment for your ideas and goals is a critical skill needed to master your position. The ability to influence positively and effectively is a skill that can be learned and developed by anyone who wants to communicate their ideas persuasively, build relationships and gain support from others.

Strengthen your ability to create impact with all types of people in your organization. Learn to build consensus, motivate commitment and change and extend your reach, delivering performance that drives results.

Coaching for Performance

Instill Engagement in Your Direct Reports.

Leaders with coaching abilities develop the capabilities of high potential individuals at every level. Improving individual performance and giving strategic decision making ability can be measured and grown through the Coaching for Performance Course. Build leaders’ capability to achieve organizational goals, building and sustaining your organization into an extraordinary workplace through collaborative coaching.

Leadership Transition Program

This is not a workshop or class like you’ve ever experienced before. Participants in this work-life changing four-day experience use their own work to immediately and pragmatically implement the framework of a leadership powered company. Attending the course as a team, attendees learn from one another and hold one another accountable to honoring their new operating system.

Who should attend?

  • Newly appointed leaders or executives at every leadership level
  • Executives with significant experience in their jobs


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